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The XV Century in Rome
 The Museo del Corso, of the Foundation Rome, presided from the Professor Lawyer Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele, promotes the first great exhibition dedicated to the Roman fifteenth century. "The fifteenth century in Rome" marks a new point of reference for the study and the knowledge of the story and the art of the Italian Renaissance. The show presents a deepened study on the social aspects, urbanistic, religious and artistic of Rome, in the XV century, and to testify its greatness they are exposed the masterpieces of some great artists of that time: Mantegna, Perugino, Piero della Francesca, Pinturicchio, Donatello, Michelangelo, Lippi, and more. Next to the prestigious works of the period, two elements of absolute novelty furnish the exhibition: a large multimedia table of Roman fifteenth-century with that the public will be able to interact and to explore in the detail buildings and monuments of the Rome of the period, and the reconstruction 3D of the Cappella Carafa of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva: for the first time the Enea applied the technology with optic radar to colors at an artistic monument. This extraordinary intervention agrees a clear reading of the frescoes of the Lippi - preserved in the Cappella Carafa and visible with large difficulty to the point to perceive it also the smaller details. To care of the press bureau. From 29th April to 7th September 2008  Museo del Corso Info: +39.06.6786209. For kind concession of Finesettimana.it ....more

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